What to teach?

Thematic blocks and the pedagogical framework developed for the master program.

The CASE knowledge alliance developed, a thematic and pedagogical outline for a master program on sustainability-driven entrepreneurship that can be implemented by as many universities as possible.

The master program is explicitly competence-, not only knowledge-oriented. Therefore, we were looking for teaching and learning methods that foster sustainability and entrepreneurial competencies like anticipatory thinking, creativity, opportunity-detection, strategic action competence and interpersonal, communication skills.

As entrepreneurs, students will address complex real-world sustainability problems within a business setting. So, we need to have learning settings where students get in touch with the world outside university as in service-learning projects with business partners or NGOs. That is one example how students can learn in a self-directed manner, in an inter- and transdisciplinary setting and through exchange with peers, mentors and role models.

To make the outline concrete, the six thematic blocks are organized in 16 modules for a two-year master program with 120 ECTS.

CASE Master program on Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship

The learning steps are structured in a logic time order. The first two semesters include all basics for a sustainability-driven entrepreneur. The second year fosters the development of an own sustainability-driven start-up and allows for specialization in disciplines and regions through choosing an exchange university and a topic for the thesis.

Download the full report on Content and Methods for the Joint Master Program on Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship