What is it about?

A certificate basically proves the participation at a specific course or form of cooperation. To generate an attractive added value, the document should contain information on the learning objectives and/or the fostered competencies’ development.

Besides general information, particular feedback provided by the partner or the coordinator either to the team or to the individual participant enhances the acknowledgement of the engagement within the cooperation. The character of recommendation may serve as valuable documentation for the students’ curriculum vitae.

Obtaining a certificate should be conditional on special criteria, such as:

  • Active participation and collaboration
  • Attendance at the course units and project meetings
  • Deliverables, e.g. project reports and presentations

These criteria need to be communicated to the participants before the start of the course or cooperation format.

Throughout the course, the necessary material for issuing the certificate is collected.

The feedback from partners is an additional asset, especially if the estimations are integrated into the document and thus can be presented at a student’s job application process.

For the award of the certificate a ceremonial setting acknowledges the students’ effort and engagement. In the course of a final event, where the results of the cooperation projects are presented, the certificates might be handed over to the students by the respective partner representatives.


  • Point out learning objectives
  • Highlight fostered competencies
  • Opportunity for individual feedback
  • Proof of participation
  • Added value to CV

Where to use it?